Loan backed with a combine harvester/agricultural implements

 Agriculture loan
Project listed: 11.01.2021
Annual yield
Term: 32 months
Mortgage rank:
Interest payment schedule:
Interest payments

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The company was established eight years ago, and since then it has actively cultivated crops, such as wheat, rape, and barley. The company uses 579.3 hectares of arable land for crop production, from which 23 ha is owned by Verslo Valstija.

The company owns several different tractors, a combine harvester, a seeder, and other heavy equipment items necessary for the farming activities. Now, the firm is acquiring four agricultural installments, such as cultivator, weeder and two telescopic loader's buckets. 

To purchase these agricultural installments and increase working capital, the company is borrowing 45.500€ from the HeavyFinance investor community.

Minimum loan term: 4 months

Detailed Information


  • Cultivator “Vaderstad Carrier 650” (19 200 Eur) - valuation
  • Weeder "Agro-Factory IZAK" (3 182 Eur) - commercial offer
  • Telescopic loader's buckets “MLK-30” and “MUK-15”  (3 182 Eur) - commercial offer
  • Harvester “John Deere 2264” (35 700 Eur) - valuation

Value of mortgaged property: 65 052 € (VAT included)
Loan to current asset value ratio: 70%. The pledged property is covered by Kasko insurance.

Financial situation:


  • 2020-09          550 517 €
  • 2019                 365 711 € 


  • 2020-09                      43 227.15 €
  • 2019 61                         863.50 €

Equity ratio

  • 2020-09                      35%
  • 2019                              31%

Additional financial information:

Harvest sold from 2020-10-01 until now: 30,000 €

Received payables from 2020-10-02 until now: 64,914 €

The project owner will repay the principal according to the schedule below:

  • 2021-09 (10 511 Eur)
  • 2022-09 (10 616 Eur)
  • 2023-09 (24 373 Eur) 

Interest will be paid monthly.

The Interest is calculated from the date on which the loan amount is paid.

Project owner

  • Palašmenio k., LT-83475 Pakruojo r.

Project risks

In the crowdfunding platform, HeavyFinance investors assume the following risks:


  • By investing in this loan with the pledge of heavy machinery, investors run the risk of losing all the profits made and the funds invested.
  • If the Project Owner fails to fulfill its obligations, the Platform Operator will take all necessary measures to protect the interests of the funders and use the provided security measures, however, the Platform Operator does not guarantee the full fulfillment of the Project Owner's obligations.
  • Financing transactions are not subject to the insurance protection established by the Law on Insurance of Deposits and Liabilities to Investors of the Republic of Lithuania.


Additional information:


If the project owner does not collect the amounts to be financed, the collected funds will be returned to the funders by transferring them to the account from which they were transferred. The Platform Operator also has the right to offer the Project Owner to reduce the amount to be financed during the Project financing term or to extend the Project financing term. In this case, if the amount to be financed is reduced or the term of financing the Project is extended, it shall in all cases be announced on the Platform and the Fund's financiers shall be informed thereof.

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Annual yield
Term: 32 months
Mortgage rank:
Interest payment schedule:
Interest payments
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