Foresta Phase I

 Development loan
Project listed: 20.11.2020
Annual yield
Term: 16 months
Mortgage rank:
Interest payment schedule:
Interest payments

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Risk rating

Macro Location AnalysisC+
Purchase Price/Land PriceA+
Financial CostC
Loan To valueA-
Purpose of the loanB+
Development's licenceA+
Borrower's experienceA+
Project MarginA+
EvoEstate Risk rating is of an informative nature only and can not be considered investment advice.
Project rating
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Project description

Foresta is a promotion of 6 isolated single-family homes on 400 m² plots in Malaga. They have a closed area of ​​about 160 m2 distributed over 2 floors. The program is 3 bedrooms on the upper floor and common areas on the ground floor in relation to the garden and the individual pool. The ground floors are designed as an open concept with a large living room that connects to the kitchen. All the houses have large windows that let in natural light and allow you to enjoy the views of the surroundings. The development is located in the Pinar de Torremolinos, a quiet residential area, close to the N-340 and the AP7 motorway and therefore well connected, less than ten minutes from Malaga international airport and fifteen minutes from the city center.

All the houses are sold and the works have reached 40% of the total work budget, which has been financed with the developer's own funds.

The financing is intended to cover a part of the costs of the work. A second financing project is expected in the coming months to cover the final phase of construction until the delivery of the houses.

The project

The active
Work in progress
Actual state
In catchment
Juan Pablo Fornet Street (29620 - Torremolinos, Málaga)
Purpose of the loan
Payment of construction costs
Website / Marketing

Key details of the loan

Contribution of the promoter's own funds to the project
€ 1,000,000
Asset purchase price
€ 350,000
Asset appraised value
€ 1,195,906
Interest payment


• Promise of mortgage and irrevocable powers of attorney to establish mortgages on three properties if necessary

• Purchase option for 80% of the appraised value of three of the properties

• Guarantee of a group company



Although the total duration of the loan is 16 months, the developer can make a full amortization before month six from the beginning, although he will have to pay the interest corresponding to the full six months

If you make an early repayment after month six, it may be partial or total. If it is partial, it must be for an amount greater than € 100,000. Amortization after month six will only include ordinary interest accrued to date



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From the moment an investor formalizes his participation in a project, he is accepting the risk and return of this investment. The loans present the risk of not obtaining the expected return, lack of liquidity, the possibility of dilution or even loss of the loan principal.

At Civislend we work to minimize the risks of investors registered in our platform, exhaustively analyzing and filtering projects so that we only publish projects that meet demanding quality and solvency criteria that maximize compliance with commitments with investors.

Civislend works as a meeting point between promoters and investors but is not responsible for the success or failure of a project, or for the profitability obtained by the investor.

Before publishing the promoters' proposals, our team of professionals rigorously and exhaustively evaluates each of the projects presented to minimize the risks for investors. For added security, an additional review of projects is also performed by external professionals independent of Civislend.





Plot area
2.436 m²s
Constructed living area and common areas
970 m²c
Number of dwellings
Area of ​​premises / offices
Number of premises / offices
Garage surface
180 m²c
Number of garages
Storage area
Number of storage rooms

Urban data

Scope of management
General Urban Planning Plan of Torremolinos. Consolidated Urban Land. Ordinance UAS-2. Isolated single-family house.
Use and characteristic typology
974.48 m²c


Business name
Grow-Ing Gestión, SL
Calle Marqués de Larios nº4 Office 402 29005. Málaga (Málaga) Spain
Administration organ
Sole administrator

Actual holder

Business name
Grow-Ing Gestión, SL
Calle Marqués de Larios nº4 Office 402 29005. Málaga (Málaga) Spain

Relationship between the promoter and the beneficial owner

In the case of the Foresta project, as it is financing for a development already with advanced construction and given the pre-existing business organization of the promoter group, the creation of an independent company for the project has not been required.

Difference between the promoter and the real owner of the project

In order to protect the interests of investors, Civislend may require that the real estate project be carried out through a specific limited company created for this purpose, which we call the Promoter.

In this way, the project is isolated from the rest of the business activity of the beneficial owner and the risk that it may be affected by events outside the project itself is reduced.

Real estate projects organized in this way are in line with current best practices applied by banks when financing real estate developments.


Grow-ing Gestión, SL is a company that operates under the name Nuovit Homes. It is a company specialized in the promotion, development, investment and management of real estate assets. The management team has managed real estate projects for the last 25 years with a total investment of more than € 1,197 million, with a market value of € 1,552 million.
Some Nuovit Homes projects

Nuovit Homes operates mainly in Andalusia. Specifically in the provinces of Malaga, Granada and Córdoba. Some of the promotions they have are:

Project originated by:


Annual yield
Term: 16 months
Mortgage rank:
Interest payment schedule:
Interest payments
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