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Project listed: 09.09.2020
747 100.00 €
Raised Of 1 600 000.00 €
Annual yield
Term: 36 months
Interest payment schedule:
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Contemporary conversion and upgrading of a nineteenth-century wool warehouse into an ecological housing project (Annual gross interest rate of 8%. Duration: 3 years).

The 'H2O' project provides:

  • 34 apartments, (3 bedrooms and 2 bedrooms);
  • 35 cellars;
  • 35 parking spaces.

The project is being unfolded on the site of a former nineteenth-century wool warehouse in Verviers and will become a pleasant and cozy place to live for families.

Fundraising goal: € 1,600,000
Registration period: from 09/09/2020 at 11 am to 21/09/2020
Issue price: 100%
Duration: 3 years
Date of issue: 22/09/2020
Expiry date: 21/09/2023
Gross interest rate: 8% / year
Interest Payment: Annual
Minimum investment: 1,000 €

Invest & Corporate SA, a family business from Liège whose reputation is well established, has existed for 18 years and is specialized in the construction of 'Passive' (energy-efficient) buildings. I&C has holdings in several companies and has a subsidiary, Timber Team SA, specializing in the construction of energy-efficient CLT * wooden buildings (QZen) * (almost zero energy). The Group is managed by Pierre Berryer, supported by his son Pierre Henri, surrounded by a team with multiple skills. Invest & Corporate SA specializes in the concept of 'reconstruction of the city on the city' and in the 'rehabilitation of unused buildings' with a view to safeguarding heritage, recycling and exploiting urban spaces in order to respond to the issue of urban densification.

Business:Eco Residence H²O
Beginning of the activity:2020

This is the contemporary reassignment and extension of a 19th-century wool warehouse, into an Eco-residence made up of 34 apartments, including 30 with 3 bedrooms and 4 with 2 bedrooms, 1 concierge, 35 cellars and 35 pitches. car park. The project presents a space for conviviality and plays at the back of the building where families can meet in complete safety. Nearby green spaces allow various outdoor activities. Invest & Corporate SA specializes in the rehabilitation of abandoned buildings with a view to safeguarding heritage. This ethical and sustainable approach aims to recycle and exploit existing urban spaces to respond to the issue of urban densification in a circular approach. The company responsible for the construction, TimbertTeam SA, A subsidiary of I&C, has specialized in the construction of Q-zen energy-efficient CLT * wooden buildings for more than 10 years, as well as in the production of roofs, cladding, insulation and green roofs. The objective sought is the maximum reduction in the use of concrete for the benefit of wood in a proven eco-responsible approach.

Video presentation of the project.


+ Renovation to Q-Zen standardsInvest & Corporate has developed and registered the concept of Eco-residence based in particular on construction in laminated, glued and crossed timber and meeting QZ standards for almost 20 years while Q-ZEn (almost zero energy) will not be mandatory for Europe than in 2022. The use of CLT wood allows the building to be waterproof but CO² positive. The requirements of a Q-ZEN building are higher than those of a passive building. To achieve this criterion, wood is an insulator 18 times better than concrete. Just add two electrical back-ups, one for ventilation of the apartment, the other to heat the bathroom if necessary. It is these savings that makes it possible to concentrate investments on triple-glazed frames, to provide optimal insulation and to use wood.


+ Expected profitability -  project is financed by the TRIODOS Bank, which recognizes the qualities of sustainability and ethics required to obtain their support. The Eco-Residence H²O undoubtedly has a positive social and environmental impact. These qualities nonetheless make the Eco Residence H²O project a profitable project. Healthy profitability, explained and transparent, meeting the funding criteria for projects chosen by BeeBonds. The duration of the bond issue planned by Pierre Berryer, the promoter's representative, is 3 years and the gross annual interest rate is 8%. The project's financial plan clearly allows investors to be reimbursed after a period of two years, but Pierre Berryer, with his experience, has chosen, as a precaution, a period of 3 years. This choice implies a slight reduction in the ROI of the project but leaves an additional margin for the promoter to deal with any contingencies. In this period of a health crisis, BeeBonds welcomes this approach.


+ LocationThe property is located 14 rue de la Cité, 4800 Verviers instead of a former wool warehouse. The project presents a space for conviviality and plays at the back of the building where families can meet in complete safety. Nearby green spaces allow various outdoor activities such as walking or cycling. Many leisure activities can be found nearby: restaurants, sports hall, museum, ... The district includes many supermarkets, service shops (gas station, garage, etc.), a nursery, a training center, etc. Vervier's central station is 2km away. The center of Liège is 20 minutes away by car. In addition, the proximity of highways such as the E42 and E40 allows easy and quick access (<1 hour) to the Netherlands,


+ Invest & Corporate, a real estate player with great experience, well established in LiègeThe Invest & Corporate group's track record speaks for itself. Numerous real estate projects have been carried out over the past 20 years following Q-Zen eco-energy standards and the responsible approach advocated by Pierre Berryer. Despite the development of the company and the size of the projects, it is is the borrowing wanted by Pierre Berryer. Invest & Corporate SA, the holding company specializes in the upgrading, transformation and recycling of unused buildings and its subsidiary TimberTeam SA, is specialized in the construction of Q-Zen energy-efficient CLT timber buildings.
+ Who is Pierre Berryer? Pierre Berryer, 55, graduated in accounting and quadrilingual, began his freelance career at the age of 19. After starting his career focused on IT companies, Pierre Berryer quickly devoted himself to his passion: the development of energy-efficient property projects. In 1986, he created his first company, Beraco Informatic, and sold it in 1992. From 1999 to 2001, he worked as Managing Director of VNF Télécom. In 2001, he created Lifebadge SA which he would sell a year later. 2002 will mark a turning point in his career with the creation of Invest & Corporate SA and in 2012 the creation of its subsidiary, TimberTeam SA. Pierre Berryer is also the administrator of HAIM, Home for the assistance of the mentally retarded.
+ Why this fundraising? The fundraising is organized by the SRL Eco-Résidence H²O, an offshoot of the Invest & Corporate SA group, as part of the Verviers project. A promoter must necessarily have its own funds or liquidity other than the capital made available by his banking institution because they never cover the entire project. The bond lifting will allow the SRL Eco residence H²O to finalize its project.
+ How was this 8% rate set and is it payable to developers? This is the reference rate that BeeBonds applies to this type of subordinated financing of a real estate project for renovation and resale by cutting and which has a real potential for making sales, given the situation and the interest that this project will stimulate. These are indeed 3-bedroom apartments which are becoming increasingly rare, to Q-Zen standards and at very affordable prices (average accommodation).
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747 100.00 €
Raised Of 1 600 000.00 €
Annual yield
Term: 36 months
Interest payment schedule:
Interest payments
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