Apartment, Betonuotoju st.

 Development loan
Project listed: 24.07.2020
Annual yield
Term: 12 months
Mortgage rank:
Interest payment schedule:
Interest payments

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Investment length1
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Project "Apartment, Betonuotoju st.". To ensure the interests of investors, a 74.47 sq m apartment is pledged at Betonuotoju st. 4-11, Kaune.

Exceptional architecture, high quality and organic nature - all this is combined into an exclusive project in Kaunas - Pažaislis apartments.
It is a project for those looking for uniqueness, admiring nature and history, loving to live away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but close to the most important cultural sites. Kaunas Lagoon and Pažaislis Park are nearby. The infrastructure developed in the project: parking lot, children's playground, excellent access, automatic road barrier, lockable gates, video surveillance cameras. The environment is tidy, the yard is lit, there is a fountain and a gazebo in a classic style, the territory is tidy.

The completion of the pledged property is 100%.

The developer will use the received loan for the installation of the other two apartments.

Previously, the developer financed and implemented the project "Pažaislis Apartments". The developer has already repaid the loan to investors and covered all stages of the Pažaislis Apartments project.

For investors (simultaneously) more than 3,000 Eur + 1%, and from 20,000 Eur + 2% to annual interest. The property is pledged to investors by a primary mortgage.

We plan to collect the accumulated amount within 7 days with the possibility to extend it to 21 days. without raising funds.

More information about the project: https://www.pazaislioapartaments.lt
Title of the projectType of assetAddress of the projectPurpose and area of the parcel of land
Apartment, Betonuotoju st.ResidentialBetonuotoju str. 4-11, KaunasDaugiabučių gyvenamųjų pastatų ir bendrabučių teritorijos.
Year of construction of the object of the projectArea of the object (building)


Current installation of the objectNumber of floors in the object (building)Description of the site of the projectDescription of repair/construction (detailed)
Water, Electricity, Heating, Sewer system3The property is strategically located in an industrial and residential area of the house, near T. Masiulio Street. Well-developed engineering infrastructure in the district and good communication conditions with the city center and other neighborhoods are factors that make the property attractive in terms of the development and operation of the Service Property.

External walls of brick with 20 cm. polystyrene foam insulation. Internal partitions between the apartments are double brick ceramic 12 cm blocks with a 10 cm layer of mineral wool between them. Roof: Eternit asbestos-free slate and 30 cm. Mineral wool.


To ensure the interests of investors, the Service Premises are pledged in the project "Pažaislio Apartments" in Kaunas. The completeness of the pledged property according to the data of the Center of Registers is 100%.


ObjectAddressUnique nr.Plotas (kv. m)
ApartmentBetonuotoju str. 4-11




Address of the pledged assetUnique number of the pledged assetIndependent assessorValue of the pledged asset by independent assessment
Betononuotoju str. 4-11, Kaunas4400-5181-9808:9011UAB "OBER-HAUS"112 000 €
TypeInvestment purposeRequested amount to be fundedInvestment period*
LoanFor the installation of premises78 000 €12 month
LTVTime remainingInvestment repayment form Frequency of payment of interest
70%7 daysAt the end of the periodOnce per quarter
Source of payment of interestAnnual interest rate
RE sales income, rent8,5-10,5%


TypeTitle of the companyCompany codeVAT payer’s code
Legal entityUAB PAŽAISLIO PROJEKTAI305073044LT100012246211
Project originated by:


Annual yield
Term: 12 months
Mortgage rank:
Interest payment schedule:
Interest payments
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