Gumpendorfer Straße 105

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Term: 18 months
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Project Presentation

The 'Gumpendorfer Strasse 105' project involves extensive renovation of a beautiful old corner building and an addition to the attic of the property with a total of 13 compact and tasteful residential units in the middle of the 6th district. The development project is in a good location close to all important amenities for daily needs.

After completion of the construction work, a total of 13 new residential units with a usable floor space of 1,301.15 m² including balconies, terraces, loggias and roof terraces will be offered for sale at 'Gumpendorfer Strasse 105'. The residential units are being realized with special consideration of contemporary and stylish construction. Special attention is paid to the use of high-quality materials.

The building permit has been granted and the planning phase has been completed. The construction phase is already in full swing and the sale of the apartments has already begun.

Deal Highlights


Attractive interest rates - 6.50% annual payout

Investors receive an annual return of 6.50% on their invested capital. The interest is distributed to the investors every year. The invested capital is repaid to the investors at the end of the maximum term of 18 months.


Security by guarantee of the parent company

There is a liability in the form of a hard letter of comfort in the amount of the loan amount issued by the parent company DEBO Holding GmbH.


RENDITY instant interest - interest from the 1st day

Investors receive immediate interest from the time they pay in their investment, which is paid out at the end of the subscription period. With the Rendity Sofortzins investors receive interest for their invested capital not only for the loan term but also for the time before. This means that investors also receive interest on their investment during the subscription period. The accrued immediate yield interest is paid out to the Wallet after the end of the subscription period.


Optimal space utilisation & high-quality equipment

A total of 13 exclusive residential units with a weighted usable floor space of 1,301.15 m² are being built in an old apartment building, where great importance was attached to modern, attractive and contemporary architecture. Special attention was paid to the high-quality revitalized façade and the floor plans optimized for different target groups.


Central location

From a traffic point of view, Gumpendorferstrasse is optimally connected. The underground stations Neubaugasse (U3) and Pilgramgasse (U4) as well as various bus connections are within walking distance. The shopping street Mariahilfer Straße is also only a few minutes away.


Concept and implementation of the project by DEBO Holding

The DEBO Holding Group as parent company handles high-quality projects and specialises in residential construction projects such as loft conversions in the inner districts of Vienna or complete refurbishments in sought-after locations. DEBO Holding is the right partner to contact, from property acquisition to the entire construction control process and turnkey handover to the buyer.


For the purpose of partial financing, DEBO sieben Immobilien GmbH intends to raise qualified subordinated loans of up to € 600,000.

The borrower is the land registry owner of the property with the address Gumpendorfer Strasse 105 in 1060 Vienna. A total of 13 residential units with a weighted usable residential area of 1,301.15 m² including open spaces will be realised. The properties have been acquired, the planning phase has been completed and the building permit has already been issued. Construction has already started and is expected to be completed by spring 2021.

Yearly distribution:

During the term, the lender will receive an annual distribution of 6.50%.

Short term:

The lender will get back its invested capital after the sale of the apartments. According to the plan, this is to take place after a maximum of 18 months.

Project Costing

Cost of acquisition


Construction costs




Financing costs




Total investment



Expected sales proceeds


Gross profit



The 6th district, also known as 'Mariahilf', is located in the heart of Vienna. In addition to its excellent infrastructure with numerous local suppliers, shopping streets and transport connections, this district borders directly on the 1st district as the centre. The 6th district is a district of colourful hustle and bustle amidst its coffee house classics and new modern restaurants. With the 'Naschmarkt', this is home to the largest and probably most famous market in the city centre with its special flair of market stalls and international locations. Mariahilfer Straße with its endless shops, restaurants and cafés is also particularly famous. Characteristic for the 6th district is probably also its sloping terrain, for which the architecturally significant and secessionist style staircases, such as the Fillgraderstiege and Rahlstiege are also known.

Historically, the area around Gumpendorf in what is now the 6th district was settled by Indo-Germanic tribes around 2000 years BC. During the Roman Empire the Romans established their military camp 'Vindobona' in the area. After the Turkish siege and the later 2nd World War, the 6th district established itself as a small but exquisite district, characterised by historic old buildings, theatres, museums and parks. Today the 6th district is a district with a high quality of life, centrally located and with the best infrastructure and necessities of daily life.

Discover the surroundings

The 6th district lies in the heart of Vienna, the most liveable city in the world. Where history and cultural diversity unite, the revitalised and in future developed old building is located at Gumpendorferstraße 105. The location offers everything that makes living in the city dignified and pleasant and also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of infrastructure. Gumpendorferstraße 105 has ideal transport connections, the underground station Pillgramgasse (5 minutes on foot) and various bus and tram connections (2 minutes on foot) are within walking distance. Mariahilfer Straße, Naschmarkt or Haus des Meeres - all of these can also be reached on foot in just a few minutes. To the south-east, Vienna's Schwechat Airport is only a 25-minute drive away, while to the north, numerous recreational areas including vineyards and wine taverns can be reached.

Mariahilfer Straße

As the longest shopping street in Europe, Mariahilfer Strasse stretches over a length of almost 4 kilometres, whereby the so-called 'inner Mariahilfer Strasse' leads from the Getreidemarkt to the Mariahilfer Gürtel (Mariahilfer Belt), on which many international brand shops can be found and which is also dedicated in sections as a pedestrian zone. The inner Mariahilfer Strasse already served as a special shopping street of the k.u.k. Monarchy and even today it is still home to local suppliers, fashion, furniture, crafts and numerous restaurants and cafés. There is almost nothing that cannot be found on the 'MaHü', which is colloquially known in Vienna. Meanwhile, it has established itself as the centre of the young and hip scene of Vienna and captivates by numerous shops that can only be found in this place. Many historically grown buildings and ornate old buildings adorn the Mariahilfer Straße and create a worth seeing symbiosis of old and new.

Raimund Theater

The Raimund Theater is one of the United Stages of Vienna and is a well-known venue for numerous European productions. The theatre, named after the Austrian playwright Ferdinand Raimund, dates from the 19th century and at that time was used as a stage for classical folk plays. Nowadays the Raimund Theatre serves mainly as a venue for numerous international musicals.


The Naschmarkt is located in the 6th district and is considered the largest inner-city market in Vienna. The special flair of the Viennese Naschmarkt is due to its mixture of market stalls and restaurants, which join together in a snake-like manner in the middle of the left and right Wienzeile. Along the entire length there are market stalls with fresh goods such as fruit, vegetables, spices, fish and meat, as well as restaurants with national and international cuisines, cafés, patisseries, bakeries and smaller bars that open early and where night owls sometimes mix with market traders. The Naschmarkt thus has everything that makes gourmet hearts beat faster and provides its surroundings with all the necessary food and all kinds of other goods on offer.

Haus des Meeres

The House of the Sea is a former flak tower in the middle of the 6th district, which today serves as a zoo of various marine aquariums and terrariums. In the Haus des Meeres, tropical freshwater and saltwater fish cavort alongside fish from the Mediterranean and domestic waters. Here you can walk through the tubular Atlantic tunnel, watch hammerhead sharks on the 10th floor of the tower and take a closer look at monkeys, crocodiles, giant snakes and bird spiders in the tropical house. Another attraction here is the magnificent view from the roof terrace, where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the city.


DEBO Holding

The DEBO Holding Group is the parent company of high-quality project companies, which was founded as a result of our rapid growth. We specialise in residential construction projects such as attic conversions in the inner districts of Vienna or complete refurbishments in sought-after locations. We take care of everything, starting with the acquisition of the property, through the entire construction control to the turnkey handover to the buyer.

For more than 20 years we have been involved in the development of high-quality real estate projects and look after a worldwide clientele with discretion. Our focus is on the latest developments in technology, design and environmental compatibility. For this reason we are also able to offer the highest level of living quality. The headquarters of the management, project management and customer service is our city centre office at Schottenfeldgasse 72. From the planning stage to the handover of the turnkey property, we provide individual support to each buyer. As an experienced real estate specialist, we take over the entire project development as well as the implementation of all necessary measures.

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Annual yield
Term: 18 months
Mortgage rank:
Interest payment schedule:
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