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April 06, 2021

Update from the originator:

Currently, the construction is about 30% ready. The foundation, the underground parking, as well as the walls of the first 3 floors, are already constructed. Currently, the fourth-floor basis is already finished and walls are being built.

Video of the progress.

New pictures of the progress have been added.

October 22, 2020

Update from the developer:

One more month of construction works has passed and here is the latest overview of the progress on the project: 

  1. Executed the preparation works of the soil in order to install the piles;
  2. Installed the piles; 
  3. Finalized the groundworks and preparations for laying the strip foundation;
  4. Performed preparation works for concreting the strip foundations;
  5. Produced the reinforcement frames of the strip foundations;
  6. Installed the formwork;

Now workers continue with performing the concreting works on the strip foundation. The construction process is progressing without any delays and overall developers are satisfied with the execution of the work, its quality and speed.

New photos of the progress have been added.

Video of the progress.

September 17, 2020

Update from the developer:

Construction of the METROPOLIS district proceeds in accordance with the schedule and general plan. A special seismic resistance of the buildings was provided by the recent JET cementation technologies. This ensures high-level security and efficiency of the building. As of today, workers finished development works of the pit to the project mark and installed the ground-cement piles using JET installations: 124 piles, 1.5 m diameter, 6 m depth.

Besides that, now works are executed in two blocks of the first sector and each one is at a different stage of construction.

For example, at 1C block, the first 2 floors were built. As of today, the concreting of columns and diaphragm are fully completed and works related to the waterproofing the Foundation are executed. Also, the masonry of the boiler house on the first and second floors are finished.
As per block 1B, the foundation of it was built.

It is important to note, that the construction works are constantly going through the architectural control and quality checks which will ensure a high level of confidence for the future apartment buyers and commercial real estate tenants in the complex.

New photos of the progress have been added.

July 31, 2020

Update from the developer:

The developer has received approval from the Moldova Central Bank, the loan agreements are signed and the interest income started for the investors from the beginning of July. Currently, the users "Principal Loan Term" contracts are still in draft mode, as setting up the collateral and getting a confirmation from the local registry has been taking longer than expected.

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