Parco Macchia Romana

 Development loan
Annual yield
Term: 18 months
Interest payment schedule:



The Parco Macchia Romana operation is an urban reconversion that consists of the construction of a park of approximately 3,000 m2 to service a subdivision in the completion phase. The construction of the park is part of the urbanization works serving the Macchia Romana residential district of Potenza.
The park was designed to serve families residing in the adjacent complexes and includes, in addition to the green area accommodation, areas dedicated to physical activity, games for children and dog-friendly areas.

A green lung that, thanks also to the pedestrian connection provided, will become an integral part of the Macchia Romana district, one of the most important residential districts of the city, located near the San Carlo Hospital and the University of Potenza.

The contract has a total value of € 1,051,605.29 and includes all the urbanization activities in the area including connections to:

⦁ electrical network
⦁ gas network
⦁ telephone network
⦁ sewer
⦁ public lighting


The project was approved by the Municipality with resolution 106 of 22/12/2011, within the area called C5 / C6 of the P.R.G. of the Municipality of Potenza. The metric calculation detail of all the works is available in the annex to the project documents. The operation is assisted by a personal guarantee from the shareholders. Start a personalized negotiation for the Parco Macchia Romana project by sending an email


Immobiliare Madrò S.r.l. is part of the Marella business group, led by Francesco Marella, a graduate in construction engineering, represents the third generation in the real estate and construction sector. During his career, he also held the following roles: CEO and president of the board of directors of Nova RE S.p.A. real estate company listed on the Milan stock exchange. Vice President of Meridie S.p.A, an investment company listed on the Milan stock exchange. Board member of Ream SGR. Managing director of the family business operating in the sector of public infrastructure construction (highways and railways).

In particular, in the real estate development area, among the most important projects of the group:

- Construction of residential and office complexes in Potenza for a development of approximately 13,000 m2 (revenues of approximately Euro 25 million);

- Renovation and sale of residential and office complex in Ferrara 11,000 m2;

- Construction and sale of tourist complexes in Val di Fassa for 7,000 m2.

More details about the company in the presentation document available in the project attachments.



The project consists of the construction of a municipal park adjacent to new residential complexes in the Macchia Romana district of Potenza, the operation will be carried out by Immobiliare Madrò S.r.l.

Total amount: € 350,000

Depreciation period: 18 months

Annual interest rate: 9%

Interest payment: monthly

Financing objective: urban reconversion

Duration of collection: 30 days

Date of opening of the collection: 13/05/2020

Closing date: 13/06/2020

More credit rating: B (developed by ModeFinance - the first official Fintech rating agency)

Additional guarantees: members' personal guarantee.

Applicant company: Immobiliare Madrò S.r.l.

Project originated by:


Annual yield
Term: 18 months
Interest payment schedule: