Semi-detached house, Sumsko str. II

 Development loan
Annual yield
Term: 12 months
Mortgage rank:
Interest payment schedule:

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Real Estate Development Loan - Phase II. The purpose of the loan - residential apartment house, Sumsko str. 58, Vilnius project development.

UAB Pakom is currently developing a two-bedroom house project on Šumsko Street, 10 km from the center of Vilnius.
The company has built five identical semi-detached houses, more than half of which have already been sold. The company needs the funds to complete the work on the mortuary and to develop further phases of the project.

Assets (parcels of land) pledged to investors during this and previous funding stages will also be used to secure the obligations of the project owner in the next (additional) stages of financing, provided that the project owner raises the value of the pledged property to a maximum LTV of 70%. Investors of all stages will be pledged with a primary mortgage.

For those who invest more than EUR 3 000 +1%, and those who invest more than 10 000 Eur +2% of interest.

When investing into this project, during the second and subsequent funding stages, the invested funds will be repaid to investors only after settlement with the investors who have invested in the previous funding stages. This condition does not affect the seniority of the investor’s right to the collateral, the overall ratio of the collateral to the amount of the investment. This provision will also not apply in the event of termination of the loan agreement.

Maximum planned amount of funding for the project: EUR 143 000.

The project is funded based on the current mortgage valuation until it reaches the maximum LTV set. When maximum LTV is reached, a new valuation of the property will be required and further project funding stages will be announced and collected only if the maximum LTV set is not exceeded.

We plan to raise the amount within 7 days, with the option of extending it to 21 days if we do not raise funds.
Title of the projectAddress of the projectYear of construction of the object of the projectArea of the object (building)
Semi-detached house, Sumsko str. IISumsko str. 58, Vilnius2020238sq.m.


Description of the site of the project
A paved road leads to semi-atached house. 2 km to Eisiskiu highway and public transport stops Azuolijai (3, 42, 78 buses run). 5.4 km to MAXIMA Shopping Center. 6.6 km to Kindergarten Kindergarten. 10km / 18min to Vilnius city center.


A semi-detached house will be mortgaged to protect the interests of investors, Sumsko str. 58, Vilnius. One mortgaged apartment area 119 sq. m. Registered completeness - 58%.

Flat in semi-detached house (58-1) - 4400-5409-6050: 1707

Flat in semi-detached house (58-2) - 4400-5409-6061: 1708

Land lot - 4400-1763-6076

Address of the pledged assetUnique number of the pledged assetIndependent assessorValue of the pledged asset by independent assessment
Sumsko str. 58, Vilnius4400-5409-6050:1707, 4400-5409-6061:1708, 4400-1763-6076UAB "OBER-HAUS“204 000 €


TypeInvestment purposeRequested amount to be fundedInvestment period*
LoanRE development48 000 €12 month
LTVTime remainingInvestment repayment form Frequency of payment of interest
68% (max 70%)7 daysAt the end of the periodOnce per quarter
Source of payment of interestAnnual interest rate
RE sales income10-12%
*Note. If the real estate developer repays a part of the loan earlier, he has to pay an additional 1 month. interest on the amount repaid (however, the interest on that part will, in general, be paid for not less than three months but not more than the term of the loan).


TypeTitle of the companyCompany codeVAT payer’s code
Legal entityUAB „PAKOM”302707116LT100006605116
Project originated by:


Annual yield
Term: 12 months
Mortgage rank:
Interest payment schedule:
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