Salt IN

Annual yield
Term: 12 months
Interest payment schedule:
At Project Completion

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June 16, 2020
Inveslar was informed by the Court that the documentation is ready so that when the suspensions are lifted due to the state of alarm, the repossession and commandments can be signed and delivered.

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EvoEstate description

This is not typical Equity deal. Inveslar won the auction with a purchase price of 70.000 euros, where they expect to resell it for 120.000 euros. The expected sales price is really competitive: Average sale price per square meter is 1400 euros in this location. Inveslar wants to sell for 1176 euros per square meter in Optimistic scenario and 1000 euros in pesimistic.

Total aquisition cost with all the taxes and fees comes to 84100 euros: 70k will be raised from crowd and 14.1k is invested by project owner. The expected sales price is between 120k and 140k

The risks:

  • The apartment is currently rented for 600 euros / month and even though there is a deal for the renter to move out - there is still a risk that evicting the renter might take time
  • It will take longer time to sell the unit.
  • Risk of falling prices: That the price of the property falls due to the increase in supply or decrease in demand in the area. There may also be a general fall in property prices due to many factors.
  • Liquidity risk:  Unable to find a buyer when you want to sell the property.


EvoEstate presents its Investors another opportunity to invest in a deal originated by Inveslar. This opportunity offers expected returns estimated by the deal originator at 14.1% in pesimistic scenario and 18% in optimistic scenario. 

The purpose of this investment is to buy a duplex penthouse in Salt, adjacent to Girona: 120sqm, 3 rooms, 2 baths, terrace. The funds will be used to cover the acquisition expenses and property tax costs and also a reform cost.  After the acquisition the property will be sold. The total amount of the required capital for acquisition is 70,000 EUR + Taxes. It will be immediatly put on sale for 140.000 EUR

Additional information

  • This investment will become active once the fundraising for the whole amount of is completed or the deadline on March 16th is reached.
  • Attached in the documentation you can find the business plan and supporting documents in Spanish.
  • EvoEstate will not with-hold taxes unless you are a private client and resident of Estonia.




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Annual yield
Term: 12 months
Interest payment schedule:
At Project Completion
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