Marquis of Cádiz (Málaga)

 Development loan
Annual yield
Term: 12 months
Interest payment schedule:
At Project Completion
Interest payments

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EvoEstate description

The borrower is the SPV (Otero Malaga), and the loan is warranted by otero Builders (Group Holding) certificate by public notary. The project has already received 40% of reservations already where 6000€ + VAT is paid. The amount is low because they haven't bought the property yet. Reservations occurred just at the last week of December/2019 and now they are allowed to form the contracts and the rest of the income.

Developer Equity (loan from the Group Otero - company Don Amaro SL - to the SPV) - 44%

Mortage from a private fund (loan to the SPV) - 48%

StockcrowdIN funding - 8%

As explained by StockcrowdIn, there are 3 reasons why Otero Group is financing such small alocation through StockCrowdin:

1. Otero Group has the intention the diversify its financing partners, besides funds and banks;

2. The Group is in a process of digitalise the companies, and they see the value of StockCrowdIn to build their own investors community. All the investors that invest trought StockCrowdIn become exclusive investors of Otero Group.

3. The cost of StockcrowdIn financing is 30% lower than the fund.



   Project summary

Grupo Otero presents an excellent investment opportunity in the city of Malaga through the Marqués de Cádiz project.

Promoted by Otero Malaga JDE, it is the rehabilitation of a modern residential building of new construction that will enjoy all the comforts, with a perfect design and finishes, using excellent quality materials.

Marqués de Cádiz will house a total of 46 one- and two-bedroom homes, as well as studios. They will also enjoy garage, storage room, fitted wardrobes and fully fitted kitchens. All amenities for future buyers.

More than 40% of the units are already reserved!

The promotion has the work license granted and the start of the works is immediate. In order to cover expenses inherent to the works, the developer requests € 500,000. 

Join this project today with a minimum investment of € 500. A unique investment opportunity in a Loan at a fixed interest rate in the short term.

The nominal annual interest is 8% in a 12 month term.

    The promoter

The Otero group comes from a family experience with more than 60 years of experience in the construction sector. It guarantees the knowledge and experience in all areas of the real estate business.

The key to its success is due to the effort of a professional and competent team, committed to offering a quality service in each phase of the project, optimizing delivery times and, above all, providing comprehensive advice to its clients. Our trajectory is witness to our experience in the real estate industry. It is a company that promotes a corporate culture characterized by an entrepreneurial, creative and professional spirit.

OTERO Homes, brand of the group, is a real estate developer, specialized in residential and in the commitment to innovation that offers sustainable and quality housing in the best locations. It is formed by a team of economists, architects and engineers with extensive national and international experience that provide their clients with comprehensive management and at all times maintain effective control of the project development, minimizing costs and optimizing times to achieve maximum profitability.

Consult the Dossier of the Otero Group .

 The building

Marques de Cádiz is a new construction project consisting of 46 homes: studios and apartments with 1 and 2 bedrooms, with 1 or 2 bathrooms, living room and kitchen. Homes in full natural light with modern and durable design.

The promotion was practically finished in 2010, when the previous promoter paralyzed the works and it was vandalized. The Otero group has bought the property to condition it and finish it. Proposes delivery in optimal conditions, with installation of air conditioning hot / cold, full kitchen with furniture, refrigerator, hob, oven, extractor hood integrated in high cabinet, washer / dryer and sink. White finishes.

Variety of surfaces ranging from 34m2 to 85m2, with parking spaces and storage rooms available to purchase additionally and by purchase order of the homes. The 3 floors communicate by elevators.

The promoter has already booked 19 units in a few weeks, which represents 40% of pre-sales.

The project is financed by a fund, which will constitute a mortgage on the property for the amount of 3,000,000 euros. The Otero Group will contribute the necessary resources to complement the purchase of the property and for other necessary costs destined to the conclusion of the promotion.

The environment

Located in C / Marqués de Cádiz, in the heart of Malaga, the project allows you to enjoy all the services of the city in comfort.

In its vicinity are many leisure areas, such as shops of first firms and restaurants, as well as the Salesian school, the Conservatory of Music, the stadium of La Rosaleda and the University of Malaga.

 In addition, it is an area very visited by tourists and inhabitants of the region.

Less than 15 minutes walk from where the property is located is the historic center and the hospital. In less than 3 km there is Malagueta beach next to the modern and busy Muelle Uno.

Finally, comment that it has a wide range of public and private transport (rental of electric bikes / cars, several metro and bus lines, taxi, roads and highways ...) and that it is a location that invites you to ride thanks to your Easy access to the city center on foot. This is how you get to Rosaleda Ave. you can enjoy its many leisure offers, cinemas, theaters and other types of shows.

Market Summary

The average long-term rental prices in the area follow a clear upward trend, with prices ranging from: € 700 - € 950 for studios and apartments with 1 and 2 bedrooms.

In addition, the time it takes to rent a home is decreasing, with an average time of publication in portals of 1.3 months until the rental.

An ideal project for investors!

The loan

 The loan is presented as a very attractive investment opportunity: 

  • Purpose: It will  allow to finance the rehabilitation works
  • Type of product:  Fixed interest loan. The nominal annual interest is 8%
  • Total Profitability : 8%
  • Expiration Term:  12 months
  • Type of capital amortization:  At maturity
  • Interest payment:  Due
  • Guarantees:  Debt Recognition before a Notary and endorsed by the mercantile Otero Builders SL
  • You can participate in this investment from only € 500
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Annual yield
Term: 12 months
Interest payment schedule:
At Project Completion
Interest payments
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