Sant Joan Despí Center

 Development loan
Annual yield
Term: 12 months
Interest payment schedule:


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This is a loft renovation project in Barcelona. The developers put 20% of their personal money. We have invested in loft renovation projects in Barcelona before with BrickBro.

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Project summary

The GROINVERSIA group (ESTUDIO GREMIAL INVERSIÓN, SL) presents SANT JOAN DESPÍ CENTRO, a great investment opportunity in 1 house located in one of the most exclusive and peaceful areas of Sant Joan Despí (Barcelona, ​​C / Camí del mig, nº24) .

It is a magnificent project for the acquisition and reform of a property in the center of Sant Joan Despí. In its vicinity you can find the emblematic Can Negre modernist farmhouse, designed by the architect Josep Maria Jujol, a close collaborator of A.Gaudí, the modern Merce Rodoreda library, the Church Square, where the parish of Sant Joan is located Baptista, or the town hall of Sant Joan Despí, just one block away. A project that already has the works license requested in the town hall and its imminent obtaining is foreseen for the subsequent start of the reform.

With an objective of 204,000 euros (for the financing of project expenses, works and sales) you can participate in a fixed interest loan with payment of semiannual interest and amortization of principal capital at maturity and a total return of 10% in a term planned for 12 months. A project with direct involvement by the promoter group of more than 20% (51,000 euros) of the total required.

With a minimum investment of 200 euros, you can participate in this opportunity that offers you excellent benefits!

The promoter

The GROINVERSIA team as part of the GROCASA group offers, for more than 15 years, innovative solutions in building engineering and Real Estate. The company, focused on building projects, residential promotion and rehabilitation, takes advantage of the synergies of five group companies promoting innovation and technological development through a young and dynamic team.

Among its figures are more than 12 million accumulated investment in projects, more than 11 million euros billed in the last 3 years as well as more than 250 homes distributed in different real estate developments and rehabilitations.

The Building

SANT JOAN DESPÍ CENTRO is an opportunity to reform a ground floor with patio in the center of Sant Joan Despí, which aims to improve the functional and habitable conditions of the house.

The developer has advanced the payment of the property and has the deed of purchase of the property, which is in the process of registration.

In the project an interior redistribution will be carried out, without structural damage to the property, and in the exterior the non-compliant volumes existing in the backyard are suppressed. The new distribution of the interior of the house has a living room-kitchen, a bathroom, three bedrooms and a backyard where the laundry is located.

The functionality of the main spaces will be improved: living-dining room-kitchen and rooms, and the bathroom will be integrated into the interior of the house, currently located in the backyard. The new distribution of the property improves the habitability conditions creating practical stays.

The project needs the granting of the works license, which is already being processed at the town hall. The forecast is the very short start of the works. The developer specializes in rehabilitating and building these types of spaces using optimal materials creating modern, bright, spacious and comfortable infrastructure.

SANT JOAN DESPÍ CENTRO is a special opportunity with personality in one of the most placid neighborhoods, attractive and sought after by residents and foreigners.

The environment

Sant Joan Despí is one of the cities with the greatest appreciation in recent years. The attractiveness of its streets and architecture, shops and bars, attract residents and tourists. A city in which a familiar and calm atmosphere is breathed

Among its streets you can find modernist works of art such as the Torre de la Creu or dels Ous and Can Negre, both designed by the modernist architect Josep Maria Jujol, a close collaborator of A.Gaudí.

Another of the surprises that this city holds are its almost 200,000 square meters of parks and gardens, among which the Fontsanta Park and the Torreblanca Park stand out for its great magnitude.

In addition to its proximity to Barcelona, ​​Sant Joan Despí is in an ideal location and well connected with fifteen bus lines, RENFE and Tram commuter system, and has planned for the next few years two metro lines that will further improve mobility for city residents.

The loan

The loan is presented as a very attractive investment opportunity:

Purpose: The loan issued will allow financing of the purchase of the property, the construction project and rehabilitation works.

Type of product: Fixed interest loan. The nominal annual interest is 10%

Total Estimated Profitability : 10%

Estimated term:  12 months

Type of capital amortization: At maturity

Interest payment: Semiannual paid for overdue semesters, counted from date to date from the day following the loan start date

Guarantees: Debt Recognition before a Notary.

You can participate in this investment from only € 200

Market Summary

In the downtown neighborhood of Sant Joan Despí there is an unsatisfied demand for apartments with large patio or terrace, since most projects in this area do not have these characteristics, which means that there is a high demand for the proposed typology. This residential area is highly requested by customers for its tranquility and proximity to Barcelona.

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Annual yield
Term: 12 months
Interest payment schedule: