Development loan
Project listed: 25.11.2019
Annual yield
Term: 4 months
Interest payment schedule:
At Project Completion
Interest payments

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EvoEstate description:
We are investing in this deal, as there is a 20% margin of safety for the investors- a 10% deposit has been placed by the future buyer for this property and the developer only needs the funds to complete the developments while making 10% profit. 

StockCrowdIN description:

Project summary

Discover Princesa 61, the new investment opportunity of Kota Construcciones y Contratas SL. A dream project in the center of Madrid. 

The promotor project consists of the purchase, renovation and subsequent sale of a spectacular premium home in one of the most requested areas of the capital, Princess Street.

Its unbeatable location allows you to reach on foot the emblematic Plaza de España, Gran Vía or Moncloa. Belonging to the district of Argüelles, it borders the Centro and Chamberí districts. A perfect and accessible location through all kinds of public and private transport in its surroundings (the mythical white taxis, several metro lines and buses, bike, electric car rental ...).

The transformation of the property revalued considerably the sale price of it. The property has already been commercialized, the developer has signed an earning contract that foresees the sale in March 2020. The agreed price is 1,040,000 euros.

The developer requests 300,000 euros to be used to finance the complete reform of this house. First quality materials will be used for this. It will contain several spaces for relaxation and rest in addition to a cutting-edge technological integration of how the latest in the domestic home automation market can be.

A project that enjoys a contribution of funds by the promoter of 616,494 euros, 67% of the total project. In addition to the existence of the above-mentioned contract, it becomes an opportunity of great strength.

Participate today from 500 euros of a loan at a fixed interest rate with payment due, within a planned period of 4 months. The annual interest is 7.5%. You will receive a Total Profitability of 2.5%

The promoter

Kota Construcciones y Contratas enjoys an experienced team backed by 15 years of experience in the Real Estate sector.

Consolidated, solvent, competitive and constantly growing company. In his career, he has carried out multiple projects, both in residential and offices. 

Highlights its excellence using the best materials in proposals aimed at a premium audience, where they have developed real estate projects in different Spanish cities (Madrid, Malaga, Valladolid).

Maneuverability, versatility and commitment to quality in all its promotions are the characteristics that identify the company.

The building

Princesa 61 is a premium property in one of the most demanded areas of the capital (Argüelles, very close to the Moncloa area). There is a charge on the property referring to a mortgage that guarantees a loan to the developer in the amount of 650,000 euros.

The integral reform that will be carried out will turn it into a modern, diaphanous space, where the lighting and latest technology in home automation to optimize energy expenditure and improve the quality of life of its inhabitants will be a key pillar in the home. With an area of ​​177 m2, it will house:

  • 3 large rooms

  • 3 fully equipped bathrooms and a toilet.

  • The design kitchen completely open.

  • Ducted air conditioning.

  • Central radiator heating.

  • Individual hot water

  • Elevator.

  • Physical goalkeeper

In turn, the equipment of the whole home will be made with top brand materials. Check below images of this and similar properties that will be renovated on the same property.

The environment

Princesa is one of the most important communication arteries in Madrid. Direct access to the city center (motorway of the Northwest A6). 

In its vicinity, there are many leisure areas, such as shops of first firms and restaurants, as well as universities and educational centers (University City). In addition, Princesa 61 is not a crowded area for tourists and visitors to the capital, which invites you to walk quietly through its streets. It combines proximity to the city center, leaving aside the hustle and bustle of the city.

Less than a kilometer where the property is located we can find the Parque del Oeste, a large green space in the capital where you can see the Temple of Debod, an Egyptian temple icon of Madrid.

Finally, comment that it has a wide range of public and private transport (rental of electric bikes/cars, several metro and bus lines, taxi, roads and highways ...) and that it is a location that invites you to ride thanks to your Easy access to the city center on foot. Walking you can reach the Gran Vía and enjoy its many leisure offers (cinemas, theaters and other shows), Sol, Preciados or Callao, Madrid's main arteries.

The loan

The loan is presented as a very attractive investment opportunity:

  • Purpose:  The loan issued will finance the integral reform of the property.
  • Type of product:  Fixed interest loan.
  • Annual nominal interest: 7.5%
  • Total Estimated Profitability:  2.5%
  • Estimated term:  4 months
  • Frequency of interest payments:  Due.
  • Type of amortization:  At maturity.
  • Warranties:  IOU notary.
  • You can participate in this investment from only € 500

Market Summary

The volume of comparable real estate offer in the area is medium with a stable trend and the intensity of demand is medium with a stable trend. No speculative elements are observed.

In the opinion of the acting technical team, given the characteristics of the environment and the property itself, as well as the market situation and in accordance with the foreseeable supply and demand, the expectations of revaluation of the property are considered favorable and an average revocability is estimated. of it in an adverse real estate cycle.

There are no ongoing promotions in the environment in the relevant grade.

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Annual yield
Term: 4 months
Interest payment schedule:
At Project Completion
Interest payments
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