BrickBro Operational Fund - Residential

Project listed: 16.10.2019
Annual yield
Term: 12 months
Interest payment schedule:
At Project Completion
Interest payments

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July 20, 2020

Notwithstanding the current Covid-19 situation that has slowed down BrickBro's operations, they are getting the ball rolling and managing the sales of Gran Vía 480 and Espinoi 1. Their team is working and taking advantage of the unexpected increase in visits during this short Covid-19 break. By following this link you can find a detailed pdf of the update.

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November 1st update: The investment term was extended until November 8th

EvoEstate presents its Investors an exclusive opportunity to invest an operational fund of BRICKBRO GLOBAL INVESTMENTS S.L. This opportunity offers expected returns estimated by the deal originator of
16% in 12 months. The purpose of the investment is to invest at least in 3 assets and in a maximum of 5. These operations will be selected by the Company according to their free criteria, knowledge and market opportunities.

The total size of the fund is expected to be around 500,000 EUR. This project is not listed on Brickbro platform, because this investment is provided by its parent company exclusively to EvoEstate investors. If you would like to access this deal directly- minimum investment size would be 50,000 EUR.

BRICKBRO GLOBAL INVESTMENTS S.L. is a Company dedicated to the development and investments in real estate. The Company buys offices, premises, mezzanines to be refurbished and converted into lofts and commercial properties. The Company operates in Catalonia and Madrid and commercializes these assets through purchase option agreements in order to transfer the right to a third party.

Business model

The investments Company specialises on commercial properties on the grand floor in cities of Barcelona and Madrid. They place a deposit (“option compra”) for this commercial property, they transform it into bright lofts and sell it below the market value. 

Option compra- is a method of property purchase, when the buyer places a deposit of the property purchase usually for 6 months and 10% of the total property purchase price. After this agreement is established they begin the renovation of the property and completes it within 1.5-2.5 months. During the next 3 months, they find the buyer and enters into a three-party agreement with the initial seller of the property. 

When they intermediate the sales process, they keep the margin what they would have earned and this way they do not have to pay property acquisition, sales taxes and notary fees.

Business model risks

Because this is an equity investment, it involves a lot of risks, especially the one, that you can lose capital, because you participate not only in the upside but also potentially in the downside. 

The 2 general risks with this business model are that the property market value can go down, this way reducing the returns for the Investors and that the investments Company could not sell within the period of the “option compra”, which would lead them to buy the property and also reduce the returns.

Their historical performance informs that this had happened 2 / 25 operations. However, if the sales term exceeds the term of the contract, they always try to get an extension for another deposit.


“Option compra” model yields 100% returns on 40,000 EUR expenses incurred during the process of one property.

In case the Company is unable to sell within the 6 months, the Company has to acquire the property, then it should yield 25-33% returns on 120,000 EUR expenses including the acquisition, sales taxes and notary fees.

Fees structure

Up to an IRR of 10%, 80% of the net profit of the operation will go to the Investors and the remaining 20% to the Company. Once the IRR of 10% is exceeded, 80% of the net profit of the operation will go to the Company and the remaining 20% to the Investors.

The investors’ historical returns investing in the Company’s operational funds range between 16-18%.

EvoEstate success fee

EvoEstate does not charge any investment fees to the investors if the returns are 16% or below. In case the investment yields returns above 16%, EvoEstate will charge 20% from the surplus, i.e. the investment yields 18%, EvoEstate will charge 0.4% from the invested amount, while returning 17.6% to the investors.

Additional information

  • This investment will become active on October 30th, 2019.
  • Clients who would like to see detailed historical returns in an excel spreadsheet, contact us at . This document is not public due to its confidential nature.
  • If there will be a higher demand for this project than 50.000 EUR another investment vehicle will be established.
  • For this investment a separate SPV will be estblished, which will be separate from Brickbro Global Investments S.L. other investment funds' or other  Company's activities.
  • EvoEstate will not with-hold taxes, unless you are a private client and resident of Estonia.

Summary of Risks

The investment in this project involves the following risks: risk of not obtaining the expected monetary return, risk of falling prices, risk of not completing the financing, political risk, risk of rising rates, risk of lack of liquidity to recover the capital invested, risk of total or partial loss of the invested capital and risk of fraud.

Risk of falling prices: That the price of the property falls due to the increase in supply or decrease in demand in the area. There may also be a general fall in property prices due to many factors.

Liquidity risk:  Unable to find a buyer when you want to sell the property.

Mitigation: The sales team knows the dynamics of the market and is structured with a team of partners in intermediation services to reduce this risk.

Risk of rising rates: Increase in the cost of financing in the purchase of real estate. What would push down the demand of the housing market.

Political risk: What happens if political instability grows during this year.

Risk of loss of total capital or of not obtaining the expected monetary return:   It is important to keep in mind that there is no safe investment, and as in any investment, there is always the risk, not only of not obtaining the expected returns, but of losing all of the invested There may be a bankruptcy or bankruptcy by the developer or the estimates of your business plan for various reasons are not met.

Fraud risk: It should be noted that there may be a risk of fraud due to the improper use of the money obtained for the project. There may be fraudulent use of money from any real estate transaction.

Project originated by us:

EVO Estate


Annual yield
Term: 12 months
Interest payment schedule:
At Project Completion
Interest payments
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