Tekoa IN Fase 1

 Buy to Let
Torroella de Montgri,
Annual yield
Term: 60 months
Interest payment schedule:

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EvoEstate comment:

This is a a project with a more complex structure. This project will generate 5.5% net annual returns with fixed interest and the interest payments will be paid out every quarter. There is also a 5.2% annual capital growth projection. However, there is no data to back it up.

Inveslar will buy shares of the company which hold this property assets in 7 funding stages. If they would not be able to raise capital in subsequent financings (which is a risk of this project) the existing shareholders will keep their ownership.

Inveslar will be also buying back parts of the company from the revenue generated by this property and the contract they have entered will have the acquisition duration for 3 years. In this property, the restaurant rent should be generating a significant percentage of income, however there isn't a contract signed.

For above mentioned reasons, this is not skin in the game project, and we believe that the risks involved in this project do not outweight the returns.

Inveslar description:

The asset:

Investment opportunity in the construction of a Tekoa Boutique Hotel. Type of loan: Participatory. Expected Profitability: 10.70% Double profitability will be obtained: quarterly according to the operating profit, and for the sale of the property (estimated at 60 months). Inveslar Fintech S.L. He is the promoter of this investing opportunity, continuing with our idea of democratizing and making liquid a sector reserved for a few. Now you can access for the first time to co-invest with us in the hotel sector. We managed to get this opportunity with deferred payments until February of the year 2023.

Reasons to invest:

  • Invest in our first project linked to the hotel sector
  • Area with increasing demand for hotel rooms
  • Profitability for exploitation and revaluation of the property
  • Located a few minutes from the beach and in the historic center of the town
  • Additional benefits beyond the purely economic
  • € 100 minimum investment amount

Current status

The objective of the first phase is to finance part of the acquisition cost, finish the restaurant work, the first payment to the architect and rigger to start the executive project and present it to the City Council, as well as taxes and construction fees . This first section is part of a project with a total cost of € 70,410. The restaurant will be rented to a specialized operator, and the hotel will be managed by a local company with extensive experience in the tourism sector, under a management contract with "revenue share". There are firm offers to rent the restaurant with prices ranging from € 1,700 to € 2,100 per month, with a long-term contract.


This opportunity is to finish the construction of an 8-room Boutique Hotel plus restaurant, located in the heart of the Costa Brava, a few minutes walk from the beach and in the center of the coastal town of L 'Escala. The estimated deadline to complete the construction of the two most covered plants is 9 months.


Investors who invest in this project will have incentives that go beyond an economic return: For an investment of € 100 to € 1,000, a 10% discount on the rate published in the booking engine. For an investment of € 1,000 to € 3,000, a 20% discount. From € 3,000, a 30% discount.

Project originated by:


Annual yield
Term: 60 months
Interest payment schedule:
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