• Am I obligated to pay tax on interest that I receive?
    The interest that you receive from most of the investments is gross income, which means that EvoEstate does not deduct any tax from the amount. The exact information about in which investments the taxes were withheld please refer to a tax report which is generated for you. All interest earned from loans is treated by tax authorities as investment income and thus subject to income tax. Investors have the possibility to postpone paying the income tax by investing through a juridical entity, but will still be liable for tax. EvoEstate does not provide tax-related advice and recommend that you turn to a local tax advisor for additional information.
  • Where do I find my tax report?
    You can find your tax report in the account section on the bottom-left side of the page, you just have to press on it and a pdf file will be generated to you.
  • Does EvoEstate withhold taxes on my investments?
    EvoEstate withholds taxes on your investment income only if you are a private client and Estonian resident, otherwise investment income is not being taxed.