• What is auto invest?
    Auto Invest is a feature that allows you to invest your funds automatically in all loans and projects available for investing on the EVOEstate platform.
  • How will the money be spread?
    Your money will be spread based on the investment amount you have entered at the Auto Invest activation page. Your investments will be placed into the loans according to the same sequence they appear on the platform. For a more specific explanation please read the user terms in which the allocation process is explained in more detail.
  • Can I still invest manually after Auto invest?
    Of course. You can choose to dismiss the Auto Invest feature and keep a close eye on your investments while following the investment process manually. You can easily activate or deactivate the Auto Invest feature from the activation page. It is important to keep in mind that all regulations applicable to manual investments also apply for investments made through the Auto Invest feature.
  • How can I change auto invest settings?
    You can easily change your Auto Invest settings at any time. Go to the Auto Invest activation page and you will be able to change the settings as you see fit.
  • I don't like the investment which was chosen by my auto invest settings. Can I cancel it?
    Yes, you can. EvoEstate is the only real estate crowdfunding platform which allows you to cancel your auto investments within 24 hours from the time they've been placed with 0 fees.