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We are an online peer-to-peer (P2P) funding marketplace where international investors can invest in property loan projects or alternative projects.
EvoEstate makes it easy for investors to access a variety of real estate investments with a relatively small amount of capital. The minimum amount for investment is €100, which enables investors to create a diversified portfolio.
EvoEstate does not give out loans directly to the developers and it sources deals from other project originators, this enables to provide many different types of deals in multiple countries. EvoEstate founding team invests into deals their own personal capital and is the single platform in the industry that has skin in the game on deals we provide.
EvoEstate is an agent of real investments, we do not offer the management of assets. All client funds are separated from EvoEstate’s operational funds. Should EvoEstate suffer financial difficulties or go bankrupt, client funds are safe and can still be accessed. In such an unlikely event, a contractual entity will be appointed to take over the role of EvoEstate to serve all the investments. The budget for contractual entity’s services is assigned and separated from operational and investment funds.
The Estonian Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has confirmed in 2019 that any laws or regulations that apply to credit institutions or to broker-dealers do not apply to us as EvoEstate is not a finance provider but a facilitator. The FCA expected to release a new marketplace lending specific regulation soon.
First, you need to sign up as an investor on our platform. Then you need to visit your email account and activate your user account. Before you are allowed to start investing, you are required to send us an accurate copy of your government-issued identification document. Transfer money to your EvoEstate virtual account. Choose a loa or a project you would like to invest in. All loan repayments and interest accrued are held on your EvoEstate account.
Because EvoEstate pools multiple investments and is able to provide larger amounts of funding than a retail investor, EvoEstate is able to negotiate a small percentage discount on the deals we invest in. Our services for investors are completely free, investors would get exactly the same returns participating directly in those themselves on project originators platforms.
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