Audrius Visniauskas
Audrius Visniauskas

49% of mutual funds managers don't own a single share of the fund they are managing

March 11, 2019

Did you know that at least 49% of mutual funds managers don't own a single share of the fund they are managing?

Think about it, mutual funds actively manage $13 Trillion worth of assets, to put it into a perspective: that’s the same as India, Germany, Japan and UK economies combined and yet half of the managers don’t believe in the things they are doing.

When we first learned about this fact, we couldn’t believe it: it’s the same as going to a restaurant where the chef doesn’t eat his own cooking.

Yet, so many buy into their commercials and fall for their trap. The real question before starting trust someone with investing: are your interests really aligned? Does the person you are trusting with managing your assets is operating in your best interest? The answer to this question may be the difference between failing or succeeding in the journey towards your financial goals.

For this exact reason, we decided to become the first P2P marketplace that would have skin in the game on deals we provide. Don’t be mistaken: there are marketplaces who offer credit companies deals, where credit company puts down its own money as a guarantee, but the marketplace does not.

We believe that having skin in the game in the deals that we provide is a crucial indicator of how hard we work to source only the best investment opportunities to our clients.

Within our team, we have been investing in Europe’s P2P property deals since the industry’s beginning 6 years ago. We’ve really built up significant knowledge when it comes to choosing the best deals. Our CIO has predicted in his blog several projects that will default and he was correct.

For above-mentioned reasons, we have developed auto-invest options, that would enable to follow our own portfolios. Anyone who wishes to invest with us can easily choose to that by pressing to have EvoEstate Skin in the game in their auto invest settings.We are bringing evolution to property investing and we believe that we’ll succeed in it only if we are being completely transparent.

EVOEstate is created by investors for investors and if you’d like to start investing in the best asset class with industry insiders, we highly encourage you to start with us. Sign up today and earn 15% annual returns with property-backed investments.

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