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We enable creating most diversified real estate investment portfolios in Europe
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Investing with us, you can access deal-flow of over 18 partner platforms from 6 countries and invest in private real estate funds' deals online.
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EvoEstate's auto invest enables you to create multiple investment strategies and earn passive income.
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An emergency causes a need for immediate liquidation of your investments? No worries - you can sell your investments immediately on our Secondary Market.

We offer these types of deals:

Investing in rent is like owning a small part of a property. With the lowest risk you can expect 3-6% of annual returns as well as capital appreciation with time. The best part is, that with us you don’t have to limit yourself with just one property, but have small bits of property across all Europe.
Fixed-interest loans
Investing into fixed-interest loans you become like a bank, providing financing for real estate development companies. This investment type has underlying assets - real estate collateral, which in case of default can protect your investment. You can expect to earn 8-13% interest annually investing in fixed-interest loans.
Highest-risk as well as highest-reward investment. With this type of investment you are a business co-owner, therefore you can expect to earn between 14-30% annually. However, as a business owner you don’t only participate in the gains but also in losses, therefore there is a risk that you could even lose principal.


What happens if project defaults?
Because there are 3 main types of deals, we have to analyse each case individually:
  • Rent- Rental projects have the lowest default possibility. Rental properties can only default due to force majeur reasons or fraud cases.
  • Fixed-interest loans - have real estate collateral which in case of insolvency can be liquidated to recover investors’ capital. At the time of the funding in most cases the loan value does not exceed the value of the property (Collateral). Loan to value (LTV) expresses the ratio of a loan to the value of an asset. You can find it with fixed-interest loans investment, the lower the LTV, the higher collateral value against the loan value.
  • Equity investments have the highest risk as the real estate collateral is split among all of the investors and sometimes even has 2nd rank mortgage. This means that if the project default, you can not recover your principal investment, therefore do not invest into this type more than you could afford to lose.
What happens if the originator defaults?
In case the project originator defaults, the outcome of the situation depends on each originator individually. Most of the originators EvoEstate works with, establish SPVs to ensure security for the investors as the separate entity hold the invested funds and real estate collateral. In such situation even if the project originator defaults, the funds shall be returned by an administrative entity to the investors.
What happens if EvoEstate defaults?
EvoEstate is an agent of real estate investments, therefore all investment contracts are signed on behalf of EvoEstate clients. EvoEstate only facilitate these transactions and all client funds are separated from EvoEstate’s operational funds. Should EvoEstate suffer financial difficulties or go bankrupt, client funds are safe and can still be accessed. In such an unlikely event of EvoEstate bankruptcy, a contractual entity will be appointed to take over the role of EvoEstate to serve all the investments. The budget for contractual entity’s services is assigned and separated from operational and investment funds.

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Our skin is in the game - always

Every project listed in skin in the game section is a project that company's founders invest in as well. That way, you know that only the best projects are sourced, because we're putting our money on the line, too. In other words - we put our money where our mouth is.


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